Thursday, April 10, 2008


So, my brother has been found. Safe and Sound in Paris. Of course, it took several e-mails to his friends to determine that he hadn't disappeared off the face of the Earth - he was just busy entertaining out of town guests and hadn't contacted mom or me for a while. Once I contacted Jono (long time friend of Brandon and semi-little brother to me) and asked him is HE had heard from B, mom and I both got phone calls from Brandon assuring us he was alive and well but very know. I can only imagine how the chain of contact went.

I e-mail Jono - "Hey - have you heard from B? He's not returning phone calls or e-mails from me or mom. Mom's starting to panic - can you ask Steven if he's heard from him and tell him to PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL SOMEONE????"

Jono calls Steven - "Hey, Deb and Joey (mom) are trying to contact Brandon but he's blowing them off and Joey's getting worried and Deb's getting pissed. Pass it along when you get back to Paris today"

Steven calls Brandon when he gets back to Paris "Hey man. You're in deep shit. Your mom and sister are calling all your friends looking for you because you're blowing them off so you better call before they call in the Armed Forces and tell them you've been kidnapped and held against your will by some subversive French Resistance and need to be rescued by men with guns under cover of night"

Brandon calls me and leaves a message "Hello? Um, I'm OK - David's here and we've been busy - so, I'll call you later, OK? I'm fine. Bye"

So, all is well. Except for the fact that I STILL haven't talked to him after his message to me. And all I can do is send a message to his beautiful love Angelique through this blog and ask her to PLEASE try to keep him in line...

And could you give him a good swift kick in the rear for me too? Thank you m'dear! And I hope you and Noah have a safe trip =)

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