Monday, April 28, 2008

Where did the time go???????

I only have one more week of school left - where did the last 14 weeks go? It has been an amazing ride this semester and with any luck I'll pass both classes =) And after next week I have an entire FOUR WEEK BREAK until I jump back in taking two more classes this summer. I have so many thing planned for those four weeks!!! I'm going to catch up around the house, do a few projects I have been putting off, relax on Sundays instead of trying to study.....I'm so excited! Of course I'll never accomplish EVERYTHING I want to get done, but that's OK - I won't have to worry about school for awhile. And I'll have a four week break from paying for extra gas to get to Baltimore once a week! Which means I can save up some money for June when I start going twice a week!......wait a minute...that kinda sucks ...

So my finals are next Monday night and I will be hunkered down all weekend with my books, laptop and notes. Wish me luck!!!!

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Mrs.C said...

Good Luck, Deb!

BTW, it was great talking with you last night. . . thanks for listening. And we really do need to get together this summer. John said August sounded good to him.