Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Grad School, Part 2

Well, I start my first summer class tonight - it runs for six weeks, two nights a week. I am not nervous in the least this time. In January when I was just starting, I felt like I was going to puke all day long and was so nervous I almost hyperventilated on the way to Baltimore! But, now I know what to expect, I've made some friends with my classmates and I am really looking forward to getting back into this. I miss school when I'm on a break - I'm basically a big geek =) And I am already trying to plan what to do next - maybe law school? I have absolutely no desire to actually practice law, but I'd love to teach at a college and the law has always interested me. So, we'll see!

On another note, our offices are relocating (just next door) on Thursday and Friday so this is going to be one crazy week! My boss and I are still packing up our offices, I need to get everything ready for the movers by 8:00 a.m. Thursday and then we have to coordinate the new phone system, the network installation of the computers, the security system, etc., etc. It's amazing how much work goes into a move like this - and we are literally only moving ten feet! And when I began cleaning out my desk, I was amazed at all the CRAP that I had amassed in the last 13 years. I found stuff that I had never seen before - left overs from my predecessors. The trash men are going to LOVE me.

Well, I'll post after my class this evening - Building and Site Design - I'm pretty stoked!!

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