Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is very cool...

No, it's not some website I think you should check out - it's my class....It's all about site design and building design and it's taught by two architects. As I read through the five (FIVE!) books for the class and listened to the profs talk about what we would be doing, I could hardly contain myself! I GET TO DRAW!!

Anyone who has known me a long time (Megan - that's you =) can attest to this aspect of my personality. I never - NEVER - look at a house and think "Jeez, that won't work for me because the kitchen/bathroom/den is too small!" No, I look at a house and say - "I can work with that". Then I start making plans and create drawings. Then I argue with my husband about how it's a great idea and it'll work, I promise and it'll be SOOO great.

Then we knock down walls.

Then we rebuild new walls (sometimes).

Our first house looked completely different a few years after we bought it. And now I have a BIGGER house - and lots of plans, my friend, lots of plans. I already drew sketches of what I wanted to do (ask Beth C. from NC - Ha! I rhymed! I e-mailed them to her - I told you I was a geek! But they have changed, so I'll have to send you updated plans). No house is "perfect" for anyone. And if I ever found a house that I didn't want to change in some way or another - I wouldn't buy it. I'd be bored out of my mind! Half the fun is looking at something and trying to make it yours. I know this makes no sense, but I need to ramble a bit.

And now - NOW - I get to do this as a class project and for homework! Not necessarily changing walls and configurations, but I get to DRAW - I am so excited I can't stand it. My books are filled with big colorful site plans, land plan designs and building designs and - Oh, it's just too much! I hope this class lives up to my very high expectations. But, if I learn enough to be able to do some design for my own house (and future houses) I'll be happy =)

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Mrs.C said...

I agree. So far we have "gutted" three rooms and rebuilt them to suit us, and in our bedroom we moved a door from one wall to another to make it "flow" better, and ripped out a fireplace, because it was like Dante's Inferno when you used it. I like our house MUCH better now. ;-)

P.S. - I still have a sketch my sis drew of the front of our house and how we should finish it and landscape. We did almost everything she drew, less two trees and a different color of siding.