Friday, August 22, 2008

One more down...

...nine to go!! Took my final last night for my last summer class. I have now completed four classes. Yay Me!!

Luckily my final wasn't too bad, since it's about Regulation (zoning, subdivision, etc.) and I do that everyday, so what I lack in academic knowledge, I can make up for in practical knowledge (and a little bullshitting, I confess). The exam started at 5:30, we were allowed two hours to complete it, and by 6:25 I was sitting at Mick O'Sheas (local bar we always congregate to after an exam) having my first beer with several of my classmates. Not bad!

I left at about 8:00 and apparently missed all the commotion - from what my classmates tell me and from what I've read in the newspapers, as I was walking down the street back to the parking garage, some poor gentlemen about 20 stories above me was throwing himself off a balcony onto the sidewalk below (where I happened to be walking - Yeesh!). I left at 8:00 - he jumped at 8:00. I'm very thankful I didn't see it (or feel it for that matter) and can only imagine what hell someone has to be going through to hurl themselves from a twenty story balcony. Makes my heart hurt....=(

Now I'm anxiously awaiting my grade. I got a 99 on the mid-term, with very little studying, and my final group project went very well, so I'm hopeful that I'll get an A in the class.

My two week break (from school anyway) starts today, so I have no studying that needs to be done for the next three weekends. I can't tell you how happy I am about that!

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