Saturday, March 13, 2010

My very own "Picasso"

We traveled to the Delaplaine Arts Center today.

This is a painting on the Carroll Creek Bridge as viewed from inside the gallery, at the proper angle.

And here it is from straight on.

I went out in the rain to get these pictures because I thought it was so cool.

But WAIT!! What's that? Why, it's Olivia Henry.....

Look at that!!!
Olivia was one of only three students from her school chosen to show her artwork at the
All County Art Show

We meandered through the exhibits......

Until we came to this...

"A Cubist Portrait"

By Olivia Henry

"Le Artiste"

We are so incredibly proud!

Way to go Pookie!! We love you SO MUCH!


Andrea Frazer said...

rock on!

Andrea Frazer said...

Why am I the only one who comments here? Your kids are amazing! Anyway, thanks for the comment about the mean guy. On a serious note, do you think it's unethical that I cut and pasted his email to my blog and then provided a link? Is that slander? Seriously... thoughts?