Monday, March 29, 2010

Houston, we have a problem…..

Need a tile floor torn up?  No problem, I’m your girl.  Just give me a crow bar.  I have a lot of aggression to get rid of.

Need a countertop refinished?  NOooooo problem, call me.

Wall paper stripped? Cabinets sanded and repainted? Help with plumbing?   Dude, I am all over it.

Do you need to rehang the cabinet doors that you have spent hours sanding, priming and repainting so that they will look JUST like that little picture you’ve had in  your head, for, oh, I don’t know, 2 years or so?

Yeah.  You should call someone else.

Because I SUCK at that.  Can someone explain why?

Luckily I have an awesome husband (who also happens to be hot as hell) who told me to take a walk after trying to hang four cabinet doors which would NOT hang correctly no matter WHAT I DID and really, the damn things hung there before so what the HELL was the problem and why couldn’t I get them to hang correctly – and CLOSE (aren't cabinet doors supposed to CLOSE FOR GOD’S SAKE???  THEY CLOSED BEFORE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!  )   and not be crooked???????

{Deep Breath}

He took the screwdriver from me and voila…..


019 014 015        

Without flash, and with – WOW!  What a difference!!

  004          014  


Bottom line? I’m like the Gambler – I know when to walk away – and I know when to fold…

And I know when to turn things over to my hubby who has a much higher patience level than me…with SOME things….. :)


He also caulked the tub….




The end result???  A VERY happy Deb :)



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