Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little change in plans....

I make my presentation to the Graduate School and defend my thesis on May 6'th. That's more than 3 weeks away.

No problem.

But then I get an e-mail from my advisor that my project must be complete and turned into him - IN FINAL - no later than April 29'th.

(insert maniacal laughter here, because I just about had a nervous breakdown when I read that)

I was counting on having that last weekend of April - after the concert was over - to get everything all finalized, do a thorough run through of it, have my brother edit it and THEN have it bound and ready for presentation and submission.

This weekend I was planning to move the girls back into their NEW bathroom and finalize things for the concert the following weekend. Unfortunately, that will now have to wait. Eh - what's a few more weeks, right????

Oh, and if you hop on over to Beth's website you'll get to see some pictures of me in a tree!

Where I got stuck........

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Andrea Frazer said...

Oh no! Good thoughts about the concert.