Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tile's Done!

Remember when we first got Internet and EVERYONE had AOL and when you would download a file that nice man inside the computer would say...

"File's done!"

Yeah, well, if you don't remember that you're too young to be reading this blog.

Anyway, we didn't get around to laying the tile until today (we procrastinated - we weren't sure what we were doing so we put it off until we had a whole day - you know, in case we screwed up and needed to call in a "Tile Pro-fessional")

Brian laid it. I "supervised". I get to grout tomorrow. YAY!

And yes, tomorrow is Easter but somehow I think Jesus will be OK with me grouting so I can FINALLY get the bathroom done.

I'll most definitely thank Him when I'm done.

So, pictures later - right now I have to get to the store, or else the Easter Bunny will totally skip our house.

Not good.

Happy Easter Eve!!!

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