Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bit of progress....

We're making pretty good progress on the stairs. Although I should really start calling it the "stairs/sitting room/entryway/dining room" project.

That whole snowball effect thing.

The girls have both been sick this week so Brian and I have been tag teaming the whole "stay home with a sick baby girl" thing.

Whilst I stayed home, here is what I accomplished:

Finished painting the risers and trim on the stairs.

Put the final coat of poly on the stairs.

Strip all remaining wallpaper in the sitting room.

Wow. That doesn't look like much.

That's a bit depressing.

The girls actually helped me strip wallpaper and they LIKED it. So much so that they begged me not to touch the wallpaper under the bay window so they could pull it off with their bare hands.

All the other parts of the room are done and what do I have to show for it?

I have white(ish - whitish)walls, blistered hands and one (almost) tumble off the step stool with a steaming hot wallpaper steamer in hand when a certain someone - who shall remain nameless - decided that I was in a compromised state at that very moment and my rear end was up for grabs.


Brian's home today and hopes to get the walls sanded and hopefully part of the carpet up so that we can install the new flooring (which we got a HELL of a deal on thankyouverymuch). I would love to tell you what we have left to do but, alas, the list is so long - and growing longer - that it depresses me to look at it.

And I'm hosting Easter Dinner for 12 people in 25 days.

Let's see if I can whip this house into some sort of semi-completed state by then.

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Life in Rehab said...

Good luck, but it sounds like you guys make a good tag team!