Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hi, have we met?

My name is Deb and I suck at blogging over the holidays.

So, I'll bore you with this pictorial of the month of December and be back in a jiffy to tell you all about what we have coming up this month!

The girls and Brian requested colored lights.
I'm a white light kinda girl.
We compromised and used both. 

My three wise guys - they're still up 'cuz  I love them.
And I'm incredibly lazy. 

Here's what the tree looked like after Santa came.
At, like, 2 o'clock in the morning.

And here it is six hours later. 

By the way - in case you ever hear me complain about my kids, remind me that on Christmas morning I finally rolled out of bed at 7:30, jumped up and peeked into Olivia's room, and found my two girls sitting on her bed chatting and quietly waiting for mom and dad to get up.

They never came in to wake us up, they didn't go downstairs to peek (which is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in our house) and they didn't make a sound.

They said they were going to let us sleep until 8 AM because we don't get to sleep in often. 

Love. My. Kids.

We never had to worry about the kids waking us up at 5 AM  and we never had to worry about them going downstairs without us.

But I guess they're growing up, because now they don't even come in to wake us up with shouts of

 "Merry Christmas!  C'mon let's GO mom!  Get UP dad!  It's present time!!"
It's a little sad.

We grabbed our stockings and ran to the tree!!

The boys grabbed their stocking too.

The girls in their Christmas socks.

I love the hats Misou got them.

And finally, Sydney performed in a Winter Concert at the high school with several other schools last week. 

Notice my shy child - front and center - boogeying down, doing the dance moves....

As she walked off stage, she did a little curtsy and blew a kiss and winked at the audience.

I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch it.

But the audience loved it - ha!

So, that basically sums up the last 3 weeks.

And, I've joined Weight Watchers again because I had to buy new pants.

Stupid stop smoking plan.

And I've been getting up an hour or two early and run-walking or P90X-ing.

It's NOT a New Years resolution.

It's a "Get back to the old ME" resolution.

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Angela of Fixing It Fancy said...

How nice of your kids to let you guys sleep in! That's so sweet! A Christmas gift in itself, right?