Sunday, May 20, 2012

Look. At. My. Baby!

I think I'm in love with this picture....

Best. Face. Ever.

The recital was awesome - and there were absolutely no protesters, no issues with parking, and a shit ton of police walking around downtown Frederick (better safe than sorry given what's happened at past G8 Summits - but it was definitely a bit of overkill)

Here we go.

We took a ton of pictures before we left.

Look over here!

We made her do a bunch of poses, close ups, far away shots, looking at the camera, looking away..... workin' it ...

Close up!
Strike a pose!

It was quite the photo shoot....
Far away!

Aaaaaaand ........ she's done. 
Turn the camera off mother.  Now. 

We took more once we got to the theater.

Waiting outside to get her backstage
She HATES make up.  But it looks so good on her! 

And she's ready to take my camera and throw it into the busy street for the horses to stomp on.
Finally, it was time!!

All pictures of the girls on stage were taken at Dress Rehearsal since

Which is, in my humble opinion, bull ca-ca.

But, other than the stray head in the pictures (which happens to be their dance teacher standing in front of the stage watching) its basically what we saw at the recital.

This one kills me because her teacher is standing RIGHT THERE IN THE WAY!

Yes, that's my baby.

Doing a split while touching her head with her toes.

The audience broke into spontaneous applause in the middle of the dance when she did this. 

Possibly because it does NOT look humanly possible. 

Unfortunately for her father, she doesn't get that from me. 

I might be able to touch my toes AND touch my head but I certainly can't touch my toes TO my head.

Once again, my girl made me sooo proud and I can't wait until next year - both girls are picking out their dance classes as we speak!  

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