Monday, May 7, 2012


I go through this every year.

I look at my babies and remember their births, their first smiles, their first words, their first everything.

I remember all the cute little things they did and said.

I look at old pictures of my babies as, well, babies.  And toddlers.

Sydney and Mariya -the girls nanny.
Liv, Poppy & Sydney, Halloween

And I get all nostalgic and teary eyed.

Today was one of those days.

My Sydney Alexandra turned nine today.


My sweet little love bug who has the most tender heart and loves to cuddle.

Spring, 2012
This is usually how we see Sydney - face behind the camera
My baby girl has brought so much laughter and joy to our home.   It's hard to tell what direction she'll take in life - whether it be in the medical profession or working with animals, but she has such a huge heart, such empathy for others and such a love for animals - and CARS - that wherever she goes, and whatever she does, the world will be a better place because of her.

Love bug, Daddy and I are blessed to be your parents and we love you soooo much. 

Love always, Mama

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