Friday, February 22, 2008

Much ado about nothing...

Ho - hum....

I'm bored.

We got a "major winter event" last night (Ha! That was a laugh!). Schools were cancelled today - although I am not sure why - and I stayed home with the girls. And missed yet ANOTHER day of work. Good Grief!

And now it's raining. It's rather depressing actually.

The girls are watching movies - Sydney has fallen asleep - and this would be the PERFECT time to clean the house, get some homework done for class, catch up on the laundry, change the beds, etc., etc. All the things I wish I had time for.

I have the time right now. And what, you may ask, am I doing?

Playing computer games until my eyes bleed and posting a blog.

I'm so freakin' responsible. Mother and wife of the eyar right here, waiting for my trophy.

The thing that totally kills me is that I'll do NOTHING all day and then at about 4:30 I'll get a burr up my ass and frantically start doing all of the things I should have been doing all day long. I'm an idiot....

Ah well, I'm thirsty. Guess I'll go get something to drink. That should waste a few minutes.

Yay! The phone's ringing! I don't recognize the number. Hell, I don't care. I'll talk to anyone right now - even if it's a telemarketer.

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