Friday, February 29, 2008


Good Lord! Brian and Sydney BOTH came down with pneumonia this week. Will it ever end????? I tucked them both up in the Master Bedroom (now dubbed Henry Hospital) and from Tuesday afternoon through this morning, they have been sleeping, coughing, wheezing, gagging, and miserable. The doc put them both on the Z-pac and after three days, Brian was feeling well enough to return to work. I'm afraid that was a mistake - they both were running high fevers (103+) and getting next to no sleep because of the coughing and general feeling of BLAH! I just know that he's going to relapse because just walking up and down the stairs tires him. Working all day will surely exhaust him.

I kept Sydney home though - missing one more day of school won't hurt (what could they possibly be doing that would be THAT important - it's only Pre-K, right?) and since I think this illness is a direct result of her not really recovering from the first round of" ick" in January - I'm not taking any chances!

So, I have been sleeping on the couch - very comfortable until you actually try to sleep on it for a few nights in a row and take care of a sick child, sick husband and a healthy (so far - KNOCK WOOD) 8 year old who's "bored", and still get up and go to work and school.

CALGON! TAKE ME AWAY!!! Spring can't get here soon enough......

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Mrs.C said...

Oh Debbie, I feel your pain. My mom and my sister are both dealing with stomach bugs at their houses and I PRAY we have not been infected. I'm going to buy you a surgical mask and rubber gloves for Mother's Day, because nothing says I Love You quite like medical supplies. ICK is right. Make sure you take your vitamins. Holy hell woman.