Wednesday, September 23, 2009

34 years ago today....

....a squealing, squawking, towheaded little stinker was born and turned me from a blissful, spoiled, five year old princess into a sister who had to share the limelight.

I wasn't very happy about it then.

I still wasn't happy a few years later, but he started growing on me.

But now I realize that having a brother means that someone else gets to share the burden of caring for our parents when they get older.
(We've already picked out rooms for them at Shady Pines)

It also means that my kids have an uncle I can call to entertain them when the girls are driving me crazy.

He also gets Charlie - mom's parrot-like bird that will outlive everyone - an ongoing battle between the two of us.

Because neither one of us wants him.

But most of all I realize how lucky I am to have someone who knows what I'm talking about when I mention the "2 per day M&M incident" from 1980....and who chuckles with me remembering it.

I have turned from a petulant, resentful five year old spoiled brat who was NOT happy this little dude came in and took all the attention away from me, to a woman who realizes how very lucky she is that the person who has known her the longest and is truly her oldest, most trusted, best friend is also her brother.

Happy Birthday B! I love ya!

(Mom and dad - I'm only kidding about Shady Pines. We love you and would never seperate you. We picked out adjoining rooms, so you can relax)


Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Ah, you clearly love your brother so much. Is he still in Asia? I think that's where he went? Thinking of you and congrats on having a wonderful family member to now call "friend".

Bethann said...

How very sweet, Deb. I'm sure my sister felt the same way about me as a baby (she's the oldest of course), but like you two, we've grown close and love each other very much. Now I might just have to blog about her. You're making me all weepy. LOL!