Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My poor little love bug woke up this morning, put on her robe and came into my bedroom to stand beside me as I tried to rub the sleep from my eyes and said, "Mommy, I only slept a little bit last night - maybe two hours - because......

(a-hem, ex-cuse me mommy!)

.....because I coughed and it woke me up"

I quickly checked the side of the bed where she was standing and, seeing no signs that she had deposited a lung on my duvet, I got up.

As she looked at me with fever glazed eyes, I quickly did a mental assessment of my work calendar, until I was yanked back into reality by the most God-awful sound I had ever heard coming from her lungs.

I decided that nothing at work was that important (pshh - who am I kidding? Barrack Obama himself could have had an appointment with me today to discuss the world economy and I still wasn't going).

So, Sydney and I spent the day together. Or rather, I spent the day watching her sleep fitfully in a drug induced semi-coma. The medicine wears off, the fever goes up, the cough comes back. The medicine kicks in, the fever goes down and the cough quiets a bit.

We've done this before. Since she's prone to bronchitis and pneumonia, I did what I always do. Pump her full of fluids, Motrin or Tylenol every 4 to 6 hours to keep that fever below 102(depending on what I am giving her), decongestants/expectorants to keep the nasal passages clear and the gunk from settling in her lungs, and hope that she sleeps the day away.

So far, so good.

But with that little bugger called H1N1 out there, and the fact that most of the serious cases have occurred when an underlying bacterial infection is involved, I will be watching her very closely. Chances are she'll be sleeping beside me tonight.

And she is soooooooo not happy with me.

Because tomorrow is Grandparents Day for first grade at the school and 4 of the 8 grandparents had planned to be there.

I had to explain to her that they could come another day.


I told her that I had talked to Mimi and Poppy and Mom-mom and Pop-pop and they would love to come another day when she was feeling better and it would be a special day just for her!

That worked for about 2 seconds.

Because the next thing out of her mouth was....

"But, what about Gamma Judi and Mister? They have to come a long way and what if they can't come now? And what about Grandma and Grandpa? How can they come if we don't do it tomorrow????"

This presented quite a conundrum for me because, you see, I didn't tell the grandparents that live in Philadelphia and North Carolina about it, because really? That's kind of far to travel to have a school lunch with Sydney. Just sayin'.

So, I told her that unfortunately, they couldn't come anyway.

"But WHY?"


"Because they live far away and so I didn't tell them about it. And Grandma and Grandpa will be here next week to see you!"

"But Mom-mom and Pop-pop live far away and they live near Gamma and Mister! They can drive together!"

By now the tears, they are a'flowin'.....

Again, Oy.

So, Gamma and Mister, Grandpa and Grandma, I apologize for not inviting you to the school, thereby saving you from a very long trip to have cardboard pizza and sit in miniature chairs for an hour or two.

It was thoughtless of me.

And you are sure to hear snarky comments about your absence from Sydney.

But on the bright side? You can TOTALLY blame me for this one and I will take full responsibility. Because, well, it is my fault.

**And if you feel the slightest gratitude that you don't have to spend the afternoon with 15 very loud six year olds with runny noses?

Well......we'll just keep that between us ;)

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