Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ANNNDDDD....We're clear....

OK. This swine flu thing? Pandemic, catastrophic event, end of the world....


Because my kids were "diagnosed" on Wednesday.

They were doing cartwheels in my family room on Thursday - fever and symptom free.

By Friday? I was looking at all the new gray hair I had from trying to entertain two very energetic young girls who couldn't "go out in public" and couldn't have anyone in the house for fear of "exposing" someone else to the virus.

Although Beth felt sorry for me and came over for awhile.
(She's fine, by the way)

In the meantime, I had planned to go into work -with my doctors blessing (and an actual medical release) because I had a HUGE project that I had limited time to finish and I didn't want to blow through my sick leave for the year - you know, in case I actually got SICK and needed it.

Instead, I was informed that I was - in no uncertain terms - not to come into the office until the following week and when I had a medical release (Hel-looooooooooo? I had one??? Can anyone hear me?) Apparently, there was fear among certain people that I would infect everyone and initiate that "catastrophic" event....

Keep in mind that I had no symptoms.

Keep in mind that this flu is transmitted like any other - meaning I would first have to be infected and second, sneeze or cough on you.
(And that would be rude - I would never do that!)

Given the fact that I was neither infected, nor planning to sneeze on anyone, I objected.

That's when I was told that I needed a medical release.

Which I had.

Still no go.

So, I spent those five days in the house with the kids. Brian, of course, got to go to work. How that works, I don't know.

I get back to work on Monday, see my desk piled high with work, realize that I am now REALLY behind on that project (which, by the way, is due this Friday) and realize that due to other people's uninformed, alarmist, panicked, uninformed opinions, I just got screwed.

I now have no sick time left and I'm buried at work.

My deadline didn't change. I still have to have it done this week.

I am REALLY pissed off.

Oh, and as far as me being contagious? Yeah - not a sneeze, not a sniffle not a cough - nothing.

The kids?

24 hours of miserableness and they were fine.

Sounds like any other flu to me, no?

Don't get me wrong, I realize that this could turn into something serious and people should take precautions. But let's be informed and reasonable rather than cause a complete panic among the population.

There is now a "swine flu policy" at my work wherein anyone who "has or has been exposed to" the virus can not come into work without a medical release.

Those people that went berserk about my kids being infected?

Do you think they locked themselves in the house all week and weekend? Do you think they abstained from going to the grocery store? Do you think they kept their kids out of school or away from sports activities?

Me neither. So guess what people? You had a better chance of infection from going to the mall, than you had from me sitting in my office for 8 hours - symptom free and not sneezing on you. (Because again -rude!)

The new policy states that we should use "Common sense" when dealing with this.

I agree. I spoke to the doctor, I did my research and I had a medical release.

Did anyone there think of calling their doctor and asking what the risks of being around someone who was exposed - but not infected nor showing any symptoms would be?

Um. No. They didn't think of that.

They also didn't pick up the slack at work and left it for me to deal with when I came back.

Way to use that common sense people.

I'm calling work tomorrow and telling them that I went to the mall tonight, was probably exposed to the virus and therefore, would be staying home for the next five days. Medical release be damned. It didn't work last week so I figure it won't matter this week.

Then I'm going to ask all my co-workers to pony up some of their sick leave to pay me while I'm off.

Bet they'll wonder what all the fuss was about then, won't they?

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Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

I'm with you! My kids are pigs, but no swine flu yet.