Friday, May 21, 2010

I got my hard hat!

It's a tradition at the Edward St. John School of Real Estate to give all Master of Science in Real Estate graduates their very own hard hat.

I have been waiting for this for two years.
I've always wanted my own hard hat.


We traveled to the Hopkins Club for the ceremony, where we were served food and drink and surrounded by Alumni, professors and administrators. I brought mom and dad who were stopped every ten feet when someone would notice their "HOPKINS" name tags and asked their affiliation to the school.

Their response? "Oh, we own it."

Such fun :)

We all got our hard hats.

And yes, I realize that I am wearing it too high on my head, but I didn't want it to mess up my hair, so.......

Although not all of the classmates that I have been attending classes with over the past two years were there, most of us will graduate together.

The crew.

These girls are the best thing that has come of Grad School for me. There were five of us and although we all come from different backgrounds, we all gravitated towards each other.

Not because we were "women", but because we all would except nothing less than the best. Because we knew that our teammates would get the work done, that we wouldn't have to pick up anyone's slack and everything would be done on time.

On every group project, there was some combination of us.

And on every group project we kicked butt.

Early on a professor nicknamed us "The Cabal".

The name stuck with us throughout the program, good or bad.

I am lucky not only to have worked with these lovely ladies, but to have them as friends.

They are what I will miss most about the whole experience, but we already have brunch planned in a few weeks and we all talk at least once a week.

Graduation is on Monday and then that's it!

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Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Wow, tonight is graduation! Congrats to you, beautiful!