Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The reason my guest bedroom isn’t done….

We went to Hershey Park!!


Holy Balls of Fire it was H.O.T.!!!!!


We got there at 10:30 a.m., met up with one of my best friends Meg and her family and hit the rides!!


Tim and his daughter, Morgan, joined us for the day….


My girls rode every single roller coaster they were allowed on. Liv actually rode more than I did! She can get on all the big roller coasters (even though I was double and TRIPLE checking her restraints – nervous mommy!) And Sydney could ride most – even the Super Dooper Looper (again with the double and triple checking AND my arm across her – because that would help, right?)



And since this is probably the last year they will even look at it, Meg and I had to get lots of pictures of our girls on the infamous Frog Hopper…

Sydney & Erinn


Liv and Caitlin


They lost their flip flops on the ride….


Sydney & Erinn were attached at the hip all day. Poor Erinn is so tiny that even though she’s a year older than Sydney, she’s about 4 inches shorter and couldn’t go on a lot of the rides that Sydney could.

043 044 046

Caitlin, Liv, Erinn & Syd


When they got on the cars, Erinn had to ride with a “responsible rider”. Since Sydney was over the height limit, she was “responsible” enough to take Erinn. She even let Erinn drive and since Sydney LOVES this ride and loves to drive (she is truly her daddy’s girl) I know she felt bad that Erinn was upset that she didn’t get to get on some of the rides.


We spent some time in the water park going down the lazy river and then headed over to the slides.

But someone pooped on a slide.

So they shut it down.


To say we were disappointed was an understatement. We got dressed and headed back to the park.

And once we were outside the water area we saw the big flume ride. The one where about 25 people get in a boat and go down a big hill? Yeah, that one. We figured that since it was located OUTSIDE the water area, we wouldn’t get tooooo wet.


We were SOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. It felt like we went under a waterfall. Once the deluge of water ended, we all popped our heads up and looked at each other and burst into laughter.

We pent the next three hours ringing out our clothes as we walked and squishing in our shoes.

I was STILL wet when we got home at midnight……


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