Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We have color!!!


And finally, the painting is almost done.  Anyone who knows me knows that this choice of color is soooooo not me.


I’m not typically a “blue” person. 

But I picked this color out over a year ago (Windsor Haze from Behr) and thought – for some reason – that it would go well with what I had planned for this room. 




Amazingly enough – I LOVE it.  It looks great with the white and once the batten board treatment is on the walls, it’s going to look AMAZING.

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Pam @ Becolorful said...

I love your blue too and I have never been a blue person either so I can relate to how it felt like going out on a ledge ... kind of like my grape merlot.
I really like the wood treatment you did. I have seen this on other blogs too but this is especially good with the feel of the blue that you have going on here. A great look. Really.
Have a fun weekend.