Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I swear I'm not sitting around eating Bon-Bons

I really am working on some projects - REALLY!

Right now I'm working on my Gram's old, OLD, kitchen table. As is typical, it's turned into more than expected and WHY I decided to start such a project three weeks before Christmas and TWO weeks before the non-stop entertaining at our house begins, I'll never know.

We begin hosting all of the annual Christmas get togethers - both family and friends - on December 18th. We won't stop until January 2nd.

In the meantime, the girls are eating at the kitchen counters and the dogs are enjoying the large area they now have to lounge in during the day, which includes pulling the big, red cushion off the bench and onto the floor to lay on (EVERY.SINGLE.DAY), whilst ignoring the very large, very cozy dog beds lying 2 feet away.

I have 11 days (make that 11 evenings and this Saturday) to git 'er done.

I wouldn't make bets on this one....

1 comment:

Life in Rehab said...

Dogs. Mine curls up in the IKEA chair next to her bed and looks at me like I'm high when I make her get out.

We all know you're not resting on your laurels; we're running right beside you!