Friday, December 17, 2010

Ready, Set, PARTY!

Tomorrow night is our annual "get together" for the holidays. The house will be filled with friends, family, children, food (TONS of food), and that festive Holiday spirit :)

I am SO ready!

Well, actually, the house has to be cleaned, the decorations finished, the food prepared, and the baking done, but whatever.

Mentally, I'm ready.

We then have another party on Sunday (not here), then we're hoisting Christmas dinner on Christmas Day and the Hopkins Family (my side) annual Christmas get together on the day after Christmas.

So, in lieu of cleaning and prepping I'll be out shopping tonight to TRY and finish up so I can wrap next week, since I haven't even touched a roll of paper or ribbon yet.

That's a plan that makes sense right? RIGHT?

And since my camera and my computer have apparently had a lover's quarrel, I am having trouble loading pictures. Hopefully she (the computer) will recognize his (the camera) device and things will be back to normal.

(Tons of jokes running through my head right now with the words "device" and "unload", but I'll refrain. You're welcome.)

And hopefully, Brian will clean the house tonight while I'm out - ha!!

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Life in Rehab said...

Assign people jobs, woman! There's a reason they can't live without us- they don't know what to DO!!!