Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A riddle..

When is a couple of weeks like a couple of months?

When you do a home improvement project of course!

It's coming along, it's coming along.

I think the hardest part of doing a project like stairs - like the ONLY stairs in the house - the ONLY way to get from one floor to the other - is the fact that I have kids. And dogs.

And the kids are easier to work with.

The project slowed significantly when it came time to stain and poly the treads. We had to finish every other stair first and then go back and finish the rest, so we could get up and down the stairs. The girls have become champion stair skippers and I wonder how long it will take them to get back into walking up and down the stairs normally??

The dogs are another issue. They don't really get the whole "DO NOT STEP ON THE STAIRS THAT ARE WET" concept, because, well, they're dogs. They did end up staying in the kitchen one night because in my zeal to get the last bit of stain on the last remaining stairs, I waited until late in the evening and applied the stain. An hour later, when we were ready for bed, we realized there was no way the dogs were going upstairs. So, they spent the night in the kitchen.

A very loooong night, filled with whining and prancing and more whining until I was ready to go down to the kitchen and curl up on the giant dog beds with them just to shut them up.

So, we won't do that again - ha!

The dogs are more spoiled than the kids.

On the bright side, the treads are 90% done, and the risers are next.

Then the real work begins.

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