Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The tooth fairy forgot. AGAIN.

The other day Sydney informed me that she had a loose tooth. Since she's lost about ten already I really didn't pay much attention. She went to my in laws this past weekend and so I didn't even think about it until she started mentioning it when she got home.

I told her to let me look at it and it seemed like it would be a while before it came out.

Apparently Sydney felt that was unacceptable and proceeded to rip it out of her mouth at school.

She showed me the little plastic treasure chest the school nurse put it in when I got home.

She then wanted me to open the treasure chest and look at the tooth, which I did.

She then wanted me to pick up the tooth, which I started to do, until she said "Look at all the blood and guts on it mom!"

Um, yeah, I'll pass on the whole "touching the bloody tooth" thing thankyouverymuch. (And "guts"? Really?)

Now, Sydney still believes in the tooth fairy. Either that or she just tells me she does so I'll leave money under her pillow, but whatever.

She wrote a note to the tooth fairy. put it in a bag with the treasure chest holding the bloody tooth, and stuck it under her pillow.

Brian looked at me and said "You're on Tooth Fairy Duty".

I acknowledged that I was up for the job. I could definitely get it done. No worries. I was on it and I would REMEMBER this time.

Which I did.

This morning.

At around 7:00 when Brian woke me up.

To ask me if I remembered.

Because Sydney said the Tooth Fairy forgot about her.



This is going to cost me more money.

I'm tempted to tell her the truth about the "Tooth Fairy" just so we don't crush her dreams anymore, but then that would also mean she'd know that her mother truly FORGOT about the tooth and note lovingly placed under her pillow by a very excited SEVEN year old.

So, the Tooth Fairy has to take the fall for this one. AGAIN.

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Life in Rehab said...

The tooth fairy missed a night or two at our house from sheer exhaustion after working double shifts, but she always left hand written notes in gold pen apologizing for having too long a list the night before. Kids forgive easily.