Sunday, October 16, 2011


I love Pinterest....

Where else can you find this to make with your kids with little to no effort?

Now, I have to say we didn't follow directions EXACTLY...

First, we put together our form:
Styrofoam ball
Hanger bent all to hell
2-liter bottle

I screwed the styrofoam ball onto the topless bottle.

Then I bent a hanger for the arms and shoved it over the bottle.

It was very scientific.

Then we gathered our next items:

Plastic sandwich bag
Fabric stiffener or liquid starch

**I could NOT find liquid starch so I picked up a bottle of fabric stiffener from JoAnne's

I cut a piece of cheese cloth and folded it in half to make it thicker (two layers thick).  Make sure that it covers the form enough that it drapes on the ground, so your ghost will stand on his own.

Since I used fabric stiffener - which is THICK - I added some water to thin it a bit and mixed it in a bowl.  Then we folded up the cheesecloth and put it in the bowl, saturating it.

After it was nice and sticky and wet, we unfolded it and draped it over the form.

I had to add the plastic sandwich bag around the styrofoam head after the first ghost because I had to RIP the cheesecloth off the first head.  It wasn't pretty.

But the cheesecloth slips right off when the plastic bag is on there.

Set it in the sun to dry.  Or use a hairdryer.  Whatever floats your boat.

We put our wet ghost on a plastic grocery bag on the front steps.

Once ours dried, I sprayed it with  a bit of Krylon white paint.

Add felt eyes with your handy dandy hot glue gun and.....


We put them in our bay windows next to the light up pumpkins.

Here's a view from outside...

And here's a view from inside...

My kids had a BLAST doing this.

 It's not often I tell them to stick their hands in a bowl of glue to make sure that every inch of the fabric is covered in goo.

They looked at me like I was crazy.


Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

The ghost is so cute! I always wondered how to make them. I bet your kids had a ball!

Bethann said...

AWESOME! I need to check out your little crafty projects more often. The boys would love to do this.