Thursday, October 13, 2011

The reason I don't discuss sports.....especially with my husband

Brian:   Oh look – they did win.

Deb:  Who?

B:  The Capitals.

D:   Who’d they play and where?

B:  They played in Pittsburgh.

D:  Really???  They Won? In Pittsburgh???

B:   Well, they won in the regular season….

D:  So it’s the playoffs?

B:  It’s only been three games, honey…

D:  But you just said “They won in regular season", so WTF?

B:  You didn't let me finish – what I was saying was, they consistently won against Pittsburgh in the regular season… It was the playoffs when...

D:  Well, you didn't clarify so I wasn't sure what you were saying. So what about the playoffs? They lost against Pittsburgh in the playoffs?

B:  Honey, they won the Stanley Cup.

D:  The Caps won the Stanley Cup? When? I thought the season just started? So is it playoffs and they lost?  But you said the Caps won...

B:  Oh my God.

D:  I’m so confused….

B:  Me too.

B:  Baseball season starts tomorrow.  You should start following baseball too.

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Hartwood Roses said...

Poor Deb ... I've been a Caps fan for as long as I can remember, and I converted my husband so I no longer have conversations like this with him. It used to be that I watched hockey and he was off somewhere else doing who-knows-what. Now, we are together on the couch, he understands the rules and can appreciate the game, and we are happily together on the couch at gametime. Ahhhh ... togetherness. :)