Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's OVER it.

Sydney presented her project to the judges Tuesday.  I asked her how it went.

    "Sydney - how did your presentation go for your project?"

    "Fine.  They just asked questions about the project."

    "What did they ask?"

    "I just told you mommy (eye roll) - questions about my project." 

   "Oh - well I was looking for more specific questions...."

   "The judge got done asking me questions and was writing stuff down.  But he forgot to ask me about the Conclusion.  So, you know, I reminded him."

   "Really?  What did you say?"

   "I just told you mommy - I reminded him to ask me about the conclusion."

    "Ah.  I see."

This morning I reminded her for the ten thousandth time that Parents Night for the Science Fair was tonight.

   "So, as soon as daddy and I get home and take Olivia to practice, we'll load up Mimi and Poppy and we'll all go to the school for the Science Fair!  Are you excited??"


  "Oh. Good.  Cuz you sure sound excited."

  "Mom, let's remember - the project is done.  It's over.  So don't start asking me a bunch of questions about a green roof, K?  It's done."

  "Well, OK.  I guess............But you know Poppy's going to grill you."

  "Darn.  I forgot about that.  He's totally going to do that.  *sigh*  OK.  But after THAT it's over.  No more questions about green roofs.  Ever."


I'm anxious to see what the judges had to say.
We get to read their comments tonight - wish my girl luck!!

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