Friday, January 18, 2008

AHHH - SNOW!!!!!

Let me just start by saying that I would be the happiest person on earth if it snowed continuously from December 1'st until spring. So, yesterday as the big fluffy wet flakes fell, I was like a five year old on Christmas morning - I got giddier as the day went by..... My co-workers laugh at me constantly when it snows - I revert back to a kid who only thinks about getting out in the white stuff and making snow angels, sledding down gigantic hills, building snow forts and then coming back inside and having a big mug of hot chocolate while I warm up and dry out next to a nice big fire in the fireplace. There's something so magical about snow. I stood at my living room window late last night with Brian and gazed outside at the beautiful scene - there was just enough light from the moon reflecting off the snow that it looked absolutely peaceful, like a winter wonderland - and all seemed right with the world for those five minutes we stood there and snuggled and just enjoyed the scene.

I even got up early this morning and ran downstairs to look outside as the sun was just coming up...I ran upstairs to get the girls out of bed so they could see how absolutely beautiful it was. My excited cries of "Get up girls!! Come look at how pretty the snow looks this morning!" were met with grumpy comments like "Mom! I'm trying to sleep" and "I don't want to get up just to look at the snow!!". How is it possible that these two children - who I gave birth to, who are HALF of me - how could these kids NOT BE EXCITED ABOUT THE SNOW?????????? Is something wrong with them?????? The obviously get this blase' attitude about the snow from thier father.

I gathered them up, fed them, dressed them, got them ready for school, grabbed my camera (for what were surely to be the most astonishingly beautiful pictures of the snow that I would send to my brother who, it should be noted, was home from Paris an entire month and wanted to see snow so bad - only to have it snow 12 hours after he got on a plane back to Paris..Poor baby!). We got in the car and started up the hill that is my driveway....and promptly got stuck in the snow bank at the top.

Oh, not to worry - this chick knows how to drive in the snow. I got us out after much back and forth (my poor car is going to need a tune up now). My kids thought it was hysterical though - especially the part where I was yelling at the snow for making me late and complaining about how inconvenient it was.....=)

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Mrs.C said...

so what's up with Liv? Didn't hear from you today?