Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And now, Round 2!

Yes, that's right, we have officially entered into Round 2 of this nasty, snotty, wet rag sounding cough, sickness in the Henry household. My oldest daughter, Olivia, has now been stricken with what her younger sister had last week (and still is not full recovered from). So, here I sit, trying to convince myself that the headache that has been pounding at my head all day and the achiness I feel in my very BONES and the slight sniffle I have been battling all day - is not the beginning of the same virus which has turned both of my beautiful, energetic daughters into snotty, germ infested, feverish, sleep 20 hours a day, messes they have become. I have FAITH! Mom's can't get sick, right? I fear I will be using all my sick leave up in the first month of they year and not even for myself, but for my children. I am incredibly lucky though - I have the greatest boss in the world - as my my friend Beth (check out her blog!) can attest too. I think he loves my children as any good blood Aunt or Uncle would and is only concerned with their (and my) welfare. He (or his wife - also a wonderful lady) even calls me on the weekends to check on them when they are sick. So, although he's VERY understanding and has never given me any grief for taking time off when the kids are sick, it only serves to make me feel more guilty about leaving him to face the numerous crises at work. .... Not much I can do about it though. If your child is sick, your child is sick!

Speaking of Beth, I though I would let everyone know how we met. I was pregnant with my youngest, Sydney, and she came to work for another attorney in the office. Suffice it to say, I had no intention of getting to know her too well, since she was the 5'th secretary for this gentleman in probably 2 years and I figured she'd be gone by the time my maternity leave was over. It amazes me that two attorneys in the same office can be such polar opposites - my boss is an amazing man and really tries to be understanding and is a generous person - in his heart, with his money and with his time. Beth's former boss, although a wonderful person to know if you don't happen to work for him (I actually have developed a wonderful friendship with him - but only because I don't work for him) is gruff, demanding, condescending and quite often - wrong, but feels he is blameless. It is a testament to her that she has lasted the longest of any secretary who ever worked for him since he has been there. But back to Beth and me.

My first real memory of Beth is my birthday the year Sydney was born. I was still on maternity leave and she showed up at my door with flowers from my boss (who I am QUITE certain forgot my birthday but was reminded by someone else in the office). Since we lived fairly close, she offered to deliver the flowers for my boss. Ever since that day, I don't know - we just "clicked". We began commuting to and from work together and have stayed friends even though she moved to North Carolina a year or so later. She helped me with my essay for grad school, helped me update my resume' (which hadn't been updated in 12 years) and has been an overall Cheerleader when I need a pick me up. She's a great person and I wish she lived closer so I could see her and the boys (and her husband =) more often. She's incredibly efficient at work and quite possibly one of the smartest people I know - although she doesn't realize it. I am so proud of her - she's going back to school and is jumping in with both feet. It's hard (damn near impossible actually) to go to school with 2 little ones while working full time, but I have no doubts that she will succeed and finally realize that she is worth so much more than she gives herself credit for.

So, now it's my turn - Everyone give Beth a cheer - especially those of you in our weight loss challenge - and let her know that she can do this! I know she can =)

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Mrs.C said...

sniff, sniff. . . I'm gonna cry. That was so sweet, Debbie, thank you. I'll make sure my mom sends out your monthly friendship check right away LOL!!!

Seriously, it is I who am amazed and spurred on by you. I would have NEVER thought to go back to school if it hadn't been for you. And I wouldn't have stayed at "that job" as long as I did if it weren't for you and Cath. You guys are family. So much to say, so little time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. That was one of the nicest, sweetest things I've read in a long time.