Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Life Never Goes as Planned....

So tomorrow, my brother and I are supposed to hop on a plane using his free buddy passes from an airline he does freelance work for, and fly off to lovely Los Angeles, California for 4 days. We both have friends out there, so the plane tickets were free, the rooms are free and the only thing I need to do is take spending money - sounds perfect, right? Well, of COURSE it sounds perfect!!! I am going to visit with my very good friend Cathy who moved out there a few years ago, and we are going to go sightseeing, and drink wine and gossip and catch up and I get to spend quality time with my baby brother - a rare opportunity - and I get to visit Los Angeles - where I have never been before.....HOORAY!!!

But wait - THAT can't be right!! I can see God now, conferring with his advisers up there in heaven - "She is entirely too excited about this trip and it's just too good of an opportunity for me NOT to throw a little wrench in her plans......"

And so, my youngest daughter, Sydney, came down with a cold Sunday night. Poor baby. But, her daddy is competent and can take care of her and after all, it's just a cold, right? I'm still going!!

On Monday my brother gets back from a little trip to New York to visit with some friends while he's home from Europe and now HE has a nasty cold, a nasty cough and isn't feeling so hot himself. But he's a big boy - suck it up and get on the plane buddy! I'm still going!

By yesterday Sydney had a cough that sounded like she had wet rags in her chest and had missed her second day of school. Um, I'm getting a little concerned about going.

By last night her fever was running about 103 or higher (something I used to panic about, but now have a little more tolerance for, so long as it doesn't get any higher), her cough was worse and I made her sleep between my husband and I, so I could help her get up and cough. Not quite sure I'm still going....

Then this morning Sydney started throwing up - due, in part I'm sure, to the fact that she hasn't been eating much, and has all sorts of gross crap going from her sinuses directly into her stomach. So, I call the doctor and she has an appointment this afternoon. There's a nasty flu going around, and that's probably what it is they tell me, but since she had pneumonia in the past, they want to see her today to make sure it's not going in that direction. Crap!! I'm SO not going!

So, sick brother, sick baby, and I'll give it about 3 days before we have sick mommy, sick daddy and sick big sister. Which just happens to coincide with when I would be 3,000 miles away. So, we postponed our trip from Thursday to Friday to see how everyone felt on Thursday night. But let's face it - that's a futile attempt to convince ourselves we are still going. Somehow I don't think so.

I'd like to say I'm devastated about not going tomorrow, but the truth is, I wasn't getting good vibes about the trip anyway - I can't explain it, but I just had one of those feelings you get that something is going to happen. I'm quite certain it was a by product of my anxiety over leaving my husband and children and getting on a plane to fly across the country for a weekend of selfish fun. But I paid my life insurance premium last week just in case. Let's face it, the more prepared I am for the worst, the less likely it is to happen. That's my motto and I'm sticking to it.

So, It was a nice thought and hopefully someday I'll get out there. It just doesn't look like it will be tomorrow....

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Mrs.C said...


so sorry you can't take your trip :-( I'm sure you would have fallen off the Weight Watcher wagon out in la-la-land too. (hee! hee!). Hope Syd is getting better. That cold sounds terrible.

I can't even imagine leaving my kids with John. Not even an option. Brian is a good man.