Monday, January 7, 2008

All Aboard!

So, here I am jumping on the bandwagon. I'm going to try this whole "BLOG" thing. I actually tried once before and never did anything with it, so here we go again! Let's see, a little about me:

I'm a wife (of almost 10 years - WOW - that's hard to believe!) and my husband is a wonderful man - I couldn't do what I do without him
I'm a mom of two of the most gorgeous, incredible (and yet, completely different) little girls (more on them later)
I'm 30-something. Ok - I'm 37. Oh Alright! 37 and a half. Don't rub it in......
I'm a Real Estate Paralegal and have worked for the same wonderful man for the past 12 1/2 years
I graduated from UMUC with a BS degree in Legal Studies
I will begin studying at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore at the end of the month for a Master of Science in Real Estate Development (YIKES! I'm terrified!)

That's the basics, anyway.....

I also have a brother who's a free lance writer living in Paris - and yes, I'm jealous =) I recently moved my family from Walkersville to Frederick and we live next door to my mom and dad. I know, I know, I'm crazy right? But it's actually worked out well. My girls love their Mimi and Poppy and once they got used to the fact that they couldn't just run down to their house whenever they felt like it, everything kind of evened out. The house is beautiful and big and has a nice big yard for the kids and dogs (and a great sledding hill) so life is good. Now I just need to sell our old house and figure out how to pay for the new one without going broke =)

But, opportunity always knocks when you least expect it and never when you think you can handle it. We're much happier where we live in now - it's safer, the house is bigger so we aren't tripping over each other, and we know everyone in the neighborhood since my parents have lived there for years. I have faith that everything will work out wonderfully. And if it doesn't then my husband has already reserved my room at the loony bin, so I'll just move right in!

So, between two active children, two rotten (but lovable) dogs, four fish that Santa brought us for Christmas, working full time, going to school part time, worrying about money, trying to keep my husband a "happy guy" (if you catch my drift - wink, wink) I'm amazed that I can speak coherently some days...... And this is why I drink.... ;-)


Mrs.C said...


HOORAY! Welcome to the wonderful world of blog! I'm going to link your page to mine!!!

Mrs.C said...

Oh, just read your comment on the weight lose challenge. . . I got it in the bag Henry, so look out!!!

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