Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookies and Friends.

Saturday was spent baking and visiting with our best friends.

Beth was festively dressed for the occasion....

We made cookies for Santa, and other goodies to enjoy over the next week or so......

The kids played games and ran around outside all day while Beth and I baked and talked and Brian braved the crowds to buy his lovely wife (that's me) some gifts.

The kids enjoying the fruits of our labor.....

Nathaniel (aka "Bubba"), Liv, Lucas and Sydney.

Chocolate on the face and nose and she's still so stinkin' cute.

Beth getting some "Bubba Love".

The boys just waiting for something yummy to drop on the floor.

And, as is typical, when "Uncle Brian" gets home, all of the kids attack him.

It was time for Beth and the kids to leave and, of course, Brian got them all riled up.

And I'm pretty sure the 200 chocolate chip cookies they ate didn't help either.

Help me Aunt Debbie!!!

Heh heh - Sorry kid. You're on your own.
Sydney gettin' in on the action.

Until she suddenly decides to break into dance.

That kid just cracks me up

And's Commando Santa wearing Lucas's pump action shotgun slung on her back and Bubba's pistol in her hands.

She's so Charlie's Angels....and will probably kill me for posting that picture, but I couldn't resist.....

My beautiful Liv.


What's in here??? Maybe I can sneak another cookie without anyone seeing.....

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