Monday, December 29, 2008

Customer Service? Yeah Right....

So I ordered a little gift to be sent to Philadelphia. I've ordered from this particular company before and never had a problem. I paid an additional fee to have it delivered by December 26'th - just in time for some entertaining these friends were doing on the 27'th.

Imagine my surprise when I check the status of delivery and see that the package has NOT been delivered on the 26'th, due to an address error. Which, pretty much, was bullshit, since the same company sent a package using the same carrier last year to the same address, and the address was correct and it was delivered on time. ALSO, the carrier had the package ON THE TRUCK on the 26'th, and "corrected" the address and put it back out for delivery.

It was delivered today. So, I e-mailed the company, explained what happened, and here's the response I got:

CUSTOMER SERVICE REP: "Deborah, Thank you for your order to ____. We understand your frustration regarding the late delivery of your gift. Unfortunately Fedex has experienced severe weather conditions in various places around the country particularly in the Northwest. These delays are beyond anyone's control and is considered an act of nature. We do apologize for this issue and will gladly call the recipient of your gift and let them know what has happened and that the gift was intended to arrive before Christmas. Thank you."

DEBORAH: "Well I'm sorry to hear that Fed Ex experienced delivery delays due to weather conditions in the northwest, but this was a UPS delivery in Philadelphia, PA, (which, according to my map is in the northeast), where the weather was just fine, so that doesn't really apply in this situation. This especially doesn't fly with me given the fact that the package was on the truck for delivery on the 26'th of December and was deemed undeliverable due to an address error - which didn't exist. Apparently they corrected it - although I checked, and the recipient hadn't moved, so not sure how that "address" mix up occurred. The correct address was given and again, your company had delivered through UPS to this address before, with no problems. Since the package was on the truck on the east cost for delivery on the 26'th, I assume the weather on the west coast wasn't the problem. Additionally, if the package was on the truck on the 26'th and was "rescheduled" for delivery on the 27'th, why wasn't it delivered until the 29'th? Doesn't UPS work on the weekends?Your response isn't acceptable. Try Again."

I haven't heard back. They'll be hearing from me again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day.....

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