Saturday, May 16, 2009

Broken record...

Seriously. I sound like a broken record.

Because I have been B U S Y!!!

And, don't I say that EVERY post????
Mister and Gamma Judi came down a few weeks ago and spent a lovely Saturday with us and my parents. It was so good to see them. It'd been almost a year - EN-TIRE-LY tooooo long....

It took about 30 seconds from the time they walked through the door for Sydney to request a rousing game of cars with Mister.

As you can see, he happily obliged.

This is their special thing. He's so patient with her. And Gamma Judi taught Liv how to have a proper tea party. They used to have special tea party dates.

They are so amazing - I mean, what kid wouldn't want an extra set of grandparents that do those kinds of things???? My children are incredibly lucky and they love Mister and Gamma Judi so much.

Last Saturday was Sydney's birthday party. It was a huge success, Sydney had a great time, got loads of loot and - get this - 90% of the guests were boys.

My little girl has them all wrapped around her little finger. Hmmmm.....

You know what happened last Sunday, because I already told you. But feel free to peruse this post, lest you forgot.

Wednesday, I traveled to the National Zoo with Sydney and her Kindergarten class.

No, no, no, those are Orangutans, not kindergartners!


I haven't been to the Zoo in ages, and it's changed a bit. The trees are more mature, it's laid out a bit differently than I remember, and monkeys walk along wires that are suspended 6 stories above the park. Who knew?

Apparently, that's progress people.

At first I was worried they would crawl down and maybe run rampant through the Zoo. Then I got real and realized my biggest worry was that they would poop while they were 150 feet in the air with me standing directly beneath them shooting pictures.

Luckily, I dodged that bullet!! (Insert gratuitous laughter here)

No trip to the National Zoo is complete without a visit to the Pandas.

The kids stopped at every one of the water misters throughout the park - and believe me, they had one about every ten feet. They got soaked and thought it was great.

Until they realized that it was only about 72 degrees outside and there's LOTS of shade.

Then they were cold.

Sydney entertained me on the long bus ride home....

Wait Mom! I have a mouth full of food!

Well, OK, if you MUST take my picture....

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