Monday, February 8, 2010

Did I say I needed more snow?

Apparently someone is listening to me because we are due for another storm tomorrow that will drop an additional 8 to 10 inches through Wednesday morning.


I must confess, that even with two major storms in two months, plus a few smaller snowfalls in between, I just can't get enough of it.

If it has to be cold, there should be snow.

I should probably live in the mountains of Colorado.

Except Brian hates snow and wouldn't live there with me.


Unfortunately, the kids are out of snow days, so they will start taking away spring break and then tacking days onto the end of the year.

And Liv's birthday is this weekend and I have NOTHING for her. But she also hasn't asked for anything.......

I'd order something on-line, but I don't even know if it could be delivered in time since the snow has pretty much brought all things in the Mid-Atlantic to a screeching halt.

And again, she says she doesn't really want anything. Believe me, I ask her everyday and suggest things, which get me a very non-committal shrug.

Saturday I am supposed to have a bunch of ten year old girls here for a sleepover, but they are calling for the possibility of another storm this weekend so I have already begun gently suggesting that to Olivia that the party may have to be postponed.

She's actually OK with it - so long as we just "postpone" it and don't cancel it altogether.

On the bright side, every single piece of laundry in the house has been washed, folded and put away.

Do you have any idea how big an accomplishment that is for me? I don't believe that's happened since before I had children.

Of course, I'll be behind in laundry again come next week, but at least, for the moment, we all have drawers full of clean, warm socks.

Now if only I had the new tub and tiles for the girls bathroom I'd be set!

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