Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bubba Love

We made some definite progress with the bathroom this weekend, but not really anything you can "see". We bought the new tub (YAY!!!) with every intention of installing it yesterday. BUT we needed the fixtures - and they aren't here. Hopefully Overstock continues with their excellent shipping and gets them here soon. Like, by next weekend.

We have a bit of plumbing to do so the pipes fit the new tub and some insulating to do in the walls since there was only insulation on the exterior wall (and not much - weird) but none on the interior walls, so Brian will be working on that today.

We bought the tile for the floor - $0.66 a square foot! - so 33 square feet cost me $22.44. BONUS. Of course the grout, adhesive and concrete board cost twice as much as the actual tile. Go figure.

I painted the inside of the vanity so that's done. Now I have to paint the drawer interiors and put a top coat on all of it and that will be done.

So, there's not much to "look" at, but definite progress is being made.

Here's the plan:

1. I will finish painting all the drawers, cabinet doors and face of the vanity today.

2. I will sand and paint the window and door frame today

3. We will insulate the walls and rework the plumbing today.

4. Next weekend we will install the new tub.
(assuming that the fixture arrives on time - FINGERS CROSSED!!)

5. Once the tub is installed, we'll finish the drywall.

6. Once the drywall is finished, I'll be able to paint the walls and ceiling (my favorite part).

7. Once the painting is done we'll install the floor.
(We've never done this before so it should be interesting - ha!)

8. Once the floor is installed, we can install the new toilet and get the vanity put back together.

9. Once that is all done I can FINALLY get the mirrors and the pictures I got hung.

10. I will be the first person to use both the toilet and the new shower!!!

It's finally starting to come together. I knew it would take weeks, since we can only do this on the weekends and our lives are so crazy right now.

I've made a bit of progress on my Practicum, and since I have to make a mini-presentation next week and turn in some "deliverables" I want to get as much done on the bathroom as I can today so I won't be distracted by it during the week.

Beth continues to do well with her treatments and we are moving forward with the Benefit Concert on April 24'th. It's going to be a great time and we've gotten such incredible responses from people so I hope it's successful.

Olivia had a sleepover at a friends last night, so Sydney had Bubba over here.

(Yes, his real name is Nathaniel, but he's been Bubba since birth and is known, by me, as "Bubba Love", usually sung to the tune of Elvis Presleys' "Hunk of Burning Love" - he thinks I'm nuts.)

They went to bed and were sound asleep at 8:30 (what?). I was shocked! Usually I am telling them to go to bed at 10:00. Those two are like two peas in a pod - we call them "frick and frack". It's going to be a very sad day when they can no longer have sleepovers because they are too old. The kids consider themselves cousins, and Sydney has a trundle bed in her room, which is where they sleep now. Bubba is of the impression that we got the trundle bed for him and both he and Sydney call the roll out bed "Bubba's Bed".

So the flip side of them going to bed at 8:30 is them waking up raring to go at 5:30 a.m. I had to get up and direct them to the playroom at 6:00 in the morning so they could play "crash 'em up cars" which was a bit loud coming from Sydney's room that early.

But, we love Bubba like our own and having him here gives Beth a little break from having three kids run around and gives Bubba a little break from all the strange things happening at his house.

We're off to the store later to pick up some groceries for us and a few things for Beth. Bubba told me this morning that we have to get his mommy good food because she doesn't feel good and good food makes you healthy.

What a sweet boy you are Bubba Love......

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