Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Round Up

  • Football game was an hour late getting started and took two hours to complete. And it was hot. And I had to sit next to the woods. And I hate bugs. And bugs live in the woods and dive bomb people sitting nearby. Especially stinkbugs. LONGEST. GAME. EVER.
  • Liv and I stopped and HomeGoods (yum) on the way home from the game in Columbia, browsed for an hour and then went and had a nice Mexican dinner - just the two of us. It was the highlight of the weekend.


  • Took the girls to get supplies for their science fair projects.
  • Spent the rest of the afternoon making a paper mache' volcano, a la Peter Brady.
  • In between volcano making, I cooked up a storm to prepare meals for most of the week (which is really the only way we actually eat Monday through Friday since we have cheer leading practice, gymnastics, etc. several nights a week. If I don't cook on Sunday, we eat sandwiches all week - if I remember to get bread).
  • Received Olivia's individual cheer pictures, which were absolutely adorable! They even have her name across the bottom! Unfortunately Olivia isn't in the photo. Someone else is. Epic Fail picture taker person.


andrea frazer said...

You sure sound busy. Good for you for making dinners in advance. I'm kind of doing that and it really does help on our busy Tues/Thurs. Thank God for the crock pot.

Deb said...

If I didn't have a crock pot I don't know what I'd do! And we actually ate at the dinner table together 3 out of the last 4 nights. That's a freaking record here.....