Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The reason my blog has tumbleweeds.....

I feel I owe an explanation.....

Thursday - Get up and go through our normal morning routine, work a full day, rush home, get Liv to cheer practice, get Sydney to gymnastics, watch Sydney flip and tumble for an hour, get Liv from cheer practice, get home, argue with the kids about baths, check back packs and review the bazillion pieces of paper that were sent home, read about how the school wants to "go green" by using e-mail notices rather than paper, promptly fill out the e-mail notice form and throw the remaining bazillion pieces of paper in the recycling bin, do laundry, and fall into bed.

Friday - Our normal Morning Routine, full day of work, make something resembling food for dinner, clean the house to get ready for company the next day, fall into bed.

Saturday - More cleaning, STACI ARRIVES (!!), get ready for the big multi-year class reunion, fret about how my dress looks and whether or not I look fat, fret about my hair (which lately has looked like a rat's nest - I am soooooo getting it cut off this weekend), attend said reunion, have a fabulous time, leave the reunion to continue the party at a local bar, dance, imbibe a bit too much, stop at Sheetz on the way home for some really nasty nachos with Staci (for old times sake), get home at a very unreasonable hour and fall into bed.

Sunday - Get up, make very strong coffee, debriefing of the prior evening in the guest bedroom with Staci while drinking said coffee, try to decide if I should try to eat something, Staci leaves, Beth comes over, Beth leaves, one of her children stays, spend the rest of the day on the couch watching episodes of Charmed all day that I dvr'd, wait for Brian to get home from golf to figure out what we're doing for dinner, order dinner and fall into bed.

Monday - Morning routine, miss the bus, get very annoyed that we missed the bus, go completely in the opposite direction of work to take the girls to school, go to work late, work all day, home from work, homework, arguments about homework, arguments about baths, make something resembling food for dinner, bedtime routine with two very cranky girls, fall into bed.

Tuesday - Morning routine, catch the bus (go me!), work all day, go to Back to School night, cheerleading for Liv, homework, etc., etc., eat the food Brian made for dinner (I should really let him cook more often. Like, every night for instance.), stay up too late watching some show on the catastrophic impacts of the eruption of Yellowstone, go to bed dog tired and then have nightmares about being caught in the lava flows from the catastrophic eruption of Yellowstone (because, living on the East Coast it's so entirely possible. Not.)

Today - Morning routine, made a thousand times worse by a screaming ten year old who freaked out that she couldn't find a headband for her hair because I apparently moved it (even though I hadn't seen it) and now her hair would be frizzy and she wasn't going to school, and she'd be completely embarrassed, yell at her to get in the car NOW or she'd be grounded for a MONTH, pull up just as the bus is stopping (whew!) work a half day, routine doctor visit, and home for the evening routine!

We still have cheer practice, gymnastics, a great thrift sale on Saturday, Liv's first game on Saturday - in BALTIMORE - and a very low key Labor Day get together on Sunday to discuss more fundraisers for Ciana.

And there you have it.


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

You're a busy lady! Holy cow.


Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Um... we forgive you?

Anonymous said...
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