Monday, October 11, 2010


We're in a bit of a funk over here at the Henry household.


Fall is awesome - my favorite time of year - but SO MUCH goes on in the months of September through November.

We've got fall sports - Cheerleading and Cheer competition for Liv - which sucks up not only three evenings a week, but all day on Saturdays too.

Sydney is in gymnastics which is only one evening a week but it happens to be one of the same evenings that Liv has practice. This means I fly like a banshee from one end of town to the other twice in order to get everyone where they need to go on time and then pick Liv up before practice is over and she is the only one left standing in the middle of a darkened football field at 8:00 at night wearing leggings and T-shirt and sneakers and trying to explain to her coach that her mom couldn't possibly have forgotten her - again. *sigh*

Needless to say my plans of decorating and doing some projects around the house, plan for several parties we are hosting and keeping up with the laundry is NOT going well - ha! I did manage to scrounge a few things up for outside though....


I switched out my spring door arrangement for my fall door arrangement. This is the same thing I used last year - I just added a few yellow leaves and flowers to make it stand out a bit more.


I bought two red mums (the purple ones are from Brian for our anniversary). I LOVE mums.


When we got married, we had mums everywhere (it was September) and we brought them all home and planted them in our old yard. As you can imagine - after 10 years, they were big and gorgeous and I was determined NOT to leave them at the house when we moved. Brian felt differently and didn't feel like digging up a ton of 10 year old, rather large mums to bring to the new house.

I cried.

I had finally resigned myself to the fact that the young family that moved in would enjoy them, so it was meant to be. Imagine my surprise when my old neighbor called to tell me that they had pulled out Every.Single.One. and taken them to the dump.

I cried even harder.

Brian has since seen the error of his ways and buys me two mums for every anniversary which get planted in the yard.


We inherited Pumpkinhead from Judi & Ted - He lights up!


I bought the crow this year at Michael's and plopped him on top.


And of course, our scary light up pumpkin greets everyone from the window.


I actually decorated a little around the house too this weekend. But, really, not much.

If we had a ton of trick or treaters I'd go all out like we used to at the old house, but since we actually LEAVE the neighborhood to trick or treat, it's not really worth it.

Come Christmas? Look. Out.


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