Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look out - she's going to blow!!

Olivia's school this year has a requirement that all of the older kids create an entry into the annual science fair.

Liv and her friend Lauren decided they wanted to make a volcano.


I've never made a volcano.

I have no idea what I am doing.

The paper mache' took FOR-EV-ER to dry!

Finally the girls were able to paint it this weekend...


Have you ever smelled burnt Styrofoam?

It stinks.

How do I know this??

I had to stick the volcano in the oven to dry it. All was well when the over door was cracked a bit at 200 degrees.

Things went wrong when the door accidentally shut for 2 minutes.



Luckily, the volcano was fine - the base, however? Not so much. *sigh*


The girls did an awesome job painting it....


I set them up on the deck and they went to town.


Then we sprayed it with red glitter spray paint to make lava....


Then I sprayed the whole thing with polyurethane.

The whole on the top is where the "lava" will come out, through the PVC pipe that goes all the way through to the bottom.


Liv and Lauren with the finished product.

Today is the day for the final experiment and creation of their poster.


The girls are undecided about whether or not they will let me help with the project next year...

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