Sunday, October 3, 2010

We went to Rehab....

A few weeks ago I ran across a very cool project over at Life In Rehab.

Sunny is always coming up with very cool crafty things made out of, well, junk, leftovers, cardboard (you should see what she can do with cardboard - amazing).

In addition to some very cool projects (which are also incredibly cheap - right up my alley), she's hysterically funny.

I don't have a lot of Halloween decorations, because it's not really my favorite "Holiday". I guess that's because when it falls on a weekday we have the rush of getting home early for work, getting the girls into their costume and make up, driving to our friends neighborhood where we go trick or treating every year (we only have a handful of houses on our street and my kids are the only ones in the 'hood) walking around in the cold or rain, arguing with the girls about how much candy they feel the need to eat and then getting two overly tired girls home, undressed, makeup free and in bed so they can get up in the morning and go to school.

I only like Halloweens that fall on a Saturday.

Anyway, the girls love Halloween (don't all kids?) so I'm trying to get into the spirit too.


We bought our little terracotta plant plates at Walmart and stopped by the Habitat ReStore (or what I like to call my "home away from home") and picked up four glass lamp shades. At this point I had spent $5.00.


We went to Lowe's and picked up some Contact paper (which I need for something else anyway) and some Frosted Glass spray paint.

I painted the plates black with spray paint I already had.


Then came the fun part.

The girls and I drew "spooky" faces on the contact paper, cut them out and stuck them to the glass shades.....


All we had to do then was spray paint them with the frosted glass spray paint.

012 013

Yes, I actually let them use the spray paint. I'm adventurous like that.


I put on several coats. and last night when Sydney and I got home from our downtown adventure, we peeled off the contact paper and put candles under them. I had both fake candles and real votives. We liked the real candles better, because they make the faces stand out more. The black paint on the plates wasn't quite dry so we'll put the ghosts on them tomorrow.




So there you have it.
Cheap materials, time with your kids and spray paint.

What more could you ask for?

Thanks Sunny ;)


Life in Rehab said...

Deb, we LOVE what you guys did! The faces are very scary, and your girls did an excellent job. I'm popping a link to your blog over at our place, and thank you for the major shout out! We're very flattered.

Becolorful said...

So cute and yes, Sunny is too funny. I just recently found her out here.
Thanks for your encouraging words on my living room melt down. :) Some days a girl just needs to freak out a bit. My breathing has slowed down again and I think I will be fine. :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That is a really neat idea.

Bethann said...

Ohhh, so that's how you did it, LOL! Love it. I need to find a Rehab store near me and start doing little project with the boys like this. Thanks for sharing :-)

Robert Casey said...

I think you’ve been able to do something I’ve wanted to do for years.
I saw your wonderful stair renovation. It’s great. I have similar stairs, maybe.
We have boxed stairs, the treads and risers are between the stringers. The treads actually sit in a routed tread shaped spaces in the stringer. Our bottom four stairs on one side are not closed in by a wall but are boxed in between the stringers.
There’s a short cheesy sloped partition wall adjacent to the stringer. It supports the railing. We would love to cut the stringer, remove the cheesy wall and extend our treads. To truly open the stairs on one side. Were your bottom treads built into the stringer on the walled in side? If so did you cut the stringer and rebuild the bottom stairs? Or were your treads supported by stringers below?
I will sincerely and greatly appreciate any help you can provide.
Thank you so very much.
Best Wishes
Robert Casey