Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sydney & Mommy

Sydney is the youngest child.

This, unfortunately, means she often gets the shaft. Her older sister is involved in a lot of activities and is a “tween” (which means she sucks the life out of us sometimes, although we love her to pieces) and Sydney gets pushed to the bottom of the pile sometimes.

Griff’s Restaurant

Tonight, Olivia had a sleepover birthday party, Brian was at a friends helping them remodel their kitchen.
So glad he’s willing to work on OTHER people's kitchens but won’t let me knock through a few walls in our own.

Sorry – was that out loud?


Anyway, Sydney and I found ourselves alone at 4:30 and decided to go downtown to have dinner – just us.

It was First Saturday, which means that the streets were PACKED with people enjoying the weather and special events the city plans every month. They have bands every few blocks, activities for the kids (this week it was a Halloween theme with trick or treating and scavenger hunts).

Dogs are welcome everywhere - we saw a TON of pups – and Sydney pet each and every one. My girl is a sweet, compassionate animal lover. I have no doubts that she’ll do something with animals when she grows up.

She wants to open an animal shelter so she can save all the animals.

I’m pushing for veterinary school.

Carroll Creek

We ate dinner at Griff’s and had a wonderful talk. She told me all about the last ten episodes of SpongeBob – word for word. Seriously.


Carroll Creek

Then we took a walk through town and along the creek.


The weather was beautiful and she held my hand – by choice – the WHOLE time. I am in love with this child.



We put our jammies on when we got home, finished a few little projects for Halloween before Brian got home, and then cuddled on the couch and ate our Dairy Queen ice cream while watching – what else? SpongeBob.

Miss Chocolate face, after her waffle cone with chocolate ice cream and rainbow sprinkles, and playing with a cheap plastic egg that I found in my shoe when I put it on this morning. (Apparently I haven't worn those boots since Easter)

The last thing she said to me before she snuggled up on the couch and fell asleep?

"Mommy I didn't know how much fun it would be to spend a whole night with just you and me."

Then she gave me a kiss. A waffle cone with chocolate ice cream and rainbow sprinkles kiss.

I melted.

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