Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NASCAR, this is not.....

I would assume that those who need handicapped plates are unable to get around well on their own and I am happy to have them use the reserved spaces closest to the stores. As a matter of fact, I get quite upset when I see someone who is clearly NOT disabled and doesn't have permission to use the reserved parking blatantly ignore the signs and take the spaces away from those who really do need them.

And I would also assume that if someone is driving a car with handicap plates, the state feels confident that their disability does not effect their ability to drive a car just like anyone else. (Although putting my faith in the state's ability to make a sound and reasoned decision may be a little "iffy"....)

So then why, why, WHY do cars that have handicapped plates go SOOOOoooooo SLOOOOOoooooooow? I mean, the cars aren't disabled, right? The cars are in no way effected by their owners disability, nor is there some rule that says in order to be given these handicapped plates you must NEVER go faster than 45 miles per a 65 mile per hour zone. But I seem to run into this phenomenon quite frequently - usually on the highway in the fast lane, or on a back road when I'm late for school/work. Oh, the irony of it all....

I just don't understand it.

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