Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When I grow up I want to be......

The weekend started out great - good news at work and an A in my class. Could it POSSIBLY get better??

Why yes, yes it could.

We dropped the girls off at my in-laws Saturday afternoon for a week with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. Liv had a hard time with it and the only thing I can think of is that she's feeling a little disconnected from me because of all the time I'm spending at school.
After we left, we drove to Philadelphia to stay with Judi and Ted for the weekend. They moved to a wonderful golf course Country Club community (we now live in their old house) and I hadn't seen them in almost a YEAR (far too long for that, my friend!) Just pulling in and seeing Judi absolutely made my weekend. They are two of the loveliest people I know and I absolutely adore them.

Anyway, we went out to a very nice restaurant (although I think Ted and Brian found it difficult to separate the two of us for as long as it took us to get dressed and ready to go! But we had a lot to talk about, you know?) and we had a fabulous dinner (scallops- YUM!)

When we got back, they had a surprise celebration for me!

The cake and ice cream was for my birthday earlier this month and the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries were in celebration of my "A". Sigh. They spoiled me rotten.

What a lovely evening...
The next day, Ted and Brian played golf.

Brian on the deck overlooking the third green.

Brian and Ted on the third green.

And out the front door - the fourth green...er, fairway?... where they hit the ball REALLY hard and try to get it to the hole. ...something like that....I'm not sure....But isn't it pretty? Focus on that instead....

...And Brian teeing off. He and Teddy asked me if I had a "Press Pass" as I stood and snapped pictures. Funny guys, I tell you.

Judi and I had every intention of going out SHOPPING! But, we started chatting and then we started looking at her old family pictures, which she's trying to organize for future generations of her family. Let me just say I love, love,LOVE looking at photographs. And I love the old photos. Being a history buff, I want to know the story behind each one. I'm quite sure I drove Judi crazy asking questions like "Who is this?" "Where was this?" "Please tell me your mom kept that dress all these years because it is to DIE for..." "So what time of day did you get married?" "Where did you go on your honeymoon" And on and on and on I went....I'm sure she was ready to pour several drinks down my throat so that I'd shut up. But, I'm like a kid in a candy store with that stuff. Anyway, then we sat down and started chatting and the next thing we knew it was 3:00 and the guys were done playing golf! Whoops! (Where did the time go?)
The four of us sat around talking and then got ready and went to the Club for dinner - really nice place they live, let me tell you! I ate and drank so many good things this weekend that I need to start my diet again ......ASAP!

Then we had to leave on Monday. But not before we went out to lunch and had another wonderful meal! (Do you see why I need to start dieting again? and Judi and Ted stay slim with all the golf he plays and golf and tennis she plays). Pictures before we left....

I didn't get teary until I got in the car. I miss them a lot.
It was an absolutely incredible weekend. I was so relaxed and content, it was amazing. I miss them already and even though we had a whole weekend together, she and I are sure to get on the phone soon and have another marathon talk.
So, Brian and I were talking on the way home and we have decided that when we grow up we want to be Judi and Ted. Brian really liked the whole "golf course community" idea. I liked sitting outside and watching the golfers (go figure!). They are having a wonderful time and I am so happy for them. When you work as hard as they have, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Just being able to have them in my life makes me a very lucky girl.

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Mama P said...

Those people look great. And the wooden bookshelves - to DIE for.

Happy birthday. I'm glad you got to relax.