Sunday, July 20, 2008

They're baaaaaaack!!

We weren't gone from their grandparents house for 15 minutes before the bickering in the back seat began.....

Olivia: "Sydney! You can't do that! Mom, Sydney rolled her window ALL THE WAY DOWN!"

Mom: "That's OK Liv, it's hot. You can roll your window down too."

Olivia: "But it MESSES up my HAIR and it BLOWS in my FACE and I can't SEE."

Mom: "Syd, can you roll your window up a little bit please honey?"

Sydney: "" (smug smile thrown at her sister)

Olivia: "Moooom! Can you please DO something?"

Sydney: "Giggle giggle"

Mom: "Liv, I think you can deal with your hair blowing for a bit longer. I promise I'll turn on the A/C once we get on the highway"

Olivia: "Huh! You ALWAYS take her side!"

Sydney: "That's because she likes me Livvie. Look a bear!"

Sydney: "Ha! Made you look."

Hysterical laughing from the backseat as both girls crack up.

That sound you hear is me smacking my forehead.

Ah.....things are back to normal.

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