Thursday, October 9, 2008


Saturday night, my very good friend Cye and her girlfriend Tara and Tara's two kids came over for dinner.

The lovely Cye and her lady, Tara

Tara brought her two kids (gorgeous - A little girl the same age as Liv and a little boy the same age as Sydney) so we fed the kids, and after they were full we made dinner for us adults:

Filet Mignon with horseradish sauce
Grilled squash, zucchini, mushrooms and red and yellow peppers
Roasted potatoes

And of course, lots of wine and corona.....

Brian and Cye - the picture is fuzzy and Brian's eyes are half closed, because this was toward the end of the night......after all the wine (Cye needed coffee - notice the red coffee mug?)

One of my favorite things about Cye is how ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL she is with such an infectious laugh. She is truly one of the funniest people I know and we always have a good time. But she's also the most kind hearted, loving person you will ever meet and boy can we talk politics! She's very well informed and a really smart cookie.

Cye - goofing around!!

Mom and dad stopped by to see her on their way home from dinner and we sat around and talked for awhile.

Good food, good friends and good conversation - what more could a girl want?????

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Andrea Frazer said...

Ah, good to "see" you again. Great company and food - what more is there?