Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I don't have the energy to think of a title....

I'm a little tired and cranky.

Wanna know why?

My girls have been fighting a little stomach bug for about a week. It kind of put a damper on our weekend, but not too much and I'll post pictures and an update on that later.

Sunday night, I was SO TIRED. I even went to bed at 10:00 (something I haven't done since 1998 I believe). I was catching up on some much needed ZZZZZ's.

Sydney came in at about midnight. Her tummy hurt. She climbed in bed with us and I promptly fell back into a very restless sleep.

It wasn't until about 1 a.m. that she started throwing up. And didn't stop. Every hour, on the hour until 7 a.m. - which happens to be when I get up for work - not that I slept much.

Brian stayed home with her on Monday. I went to work because I also had school that night. At about 11:00 a.m., I realized there was no way I would make it until 11 p.m. without falling asleep in class or falling asleep while driving home from Baltimore. So I skipped class. I e-mailed my profs and they were both very understanding.

Sydney was fine by Monday night and I got some much needed sleep.


My bro came over to show me how to make this fabulous chicken dish he's famous for. I gave the kids a bath. After they climbed out of the tub, I told them to get thier jammies on and get up stairs to get their hair dried. I ran back to the kitchen to stir the chicken.

I heard a scream. Then, I heard yelling. Then, I heard crying.

I ran to the bathroom to see what had happened...

The girls were standing on either side of the room glaring at each other. Well..... Liv was glaring at Syd. Syd was in hysterics. I asked what happened and both girls began talking LOUDLY at top speed.

Turns out, Liv said something to Syd which, as it often does, pissed Sydney off.

Her response was to hit Liv on her ribs. Pretty sure that being wet and naked and slapped on her bare skin in a sensitive spot didn't tickle.

Liv's response? (which she apparently feels is the appropriate response for an 8 year old who is having MAJOR issues lately with sibling rivalry and feels that her father and I "never listen to her" and "always take Sydney's side)

Well, her response was to slap the shit out of her sister, thereby knocking her face into the counter, whereupon Sydney saw stars...and little birds flying around her head.

Once I realized what happened, I pulled Sydney's hand away from her face to see what her cheek and eye looked like.

Yeah, it wasn't pretty. She already had a huge lump and big ugly purple bruise under her eye.

The bruise may have been purple, but I saw RED. I was LIVID.

In all fairness, they were both wrong, and they have both been punished - the whole "go sit on OPPOSITE couches until your father and I decide what punishment you each deserve". When we did go in to talk to them (and I had on my best "mommy is serious and VERY mad" voice and so did Brian) Olivia bawled like a baby the whole time and accepted her punishment and realized that she shouldn't push her luck - and that she was WRONG.

Sydney....Oh, Sydney giggled. The entire time.

And then threw a fit when we tried to enforce the punishment (no, we didn't spank her). BUT - she is now in even more trouble.

So, Sydney will certainly have a black eye and nasty bump tomorrow, even after we held ice to her face for thirty minutes.

Oh, yeah. And tomorrow is picture day at school.

Say it with me now....


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