Friday, October 17, 2008

There's an ass in my pumpkin!

It occurred to me that I didn't post any pictures of Sydney's black eye.

This is from the morning after - you can't see it very well (her right eye) but she's so stinking cute, that I had to post these anyway...

And, as you can see, Miss Liv is NOT a morning person.

A few days later, Sweet Liv deigned to read her sister a sweet..... and the black eye is a bit more prominent in these pictures.

I chased Brian with the camera tonight.

I thought it was funny.
He was not amused. There are several pictures I cannot post.

And this is what happens when we try to take pictures of ourselves...

Brian left too early....

And I look a'scared in this one!

Which bring me to the reason for this post!! HALLOWEEN!!

My mother-in-law (God bless her!) drove more than an hour and a half today to watch my kids (no school today - I should've been a teacher, but whatever).

Since I am a slacker mommy and my mother in law knows this oh-too-well, she BROUGHT pumpkins for the girls to decorate. I pull into the garage this evening and the girls are waiting for me and they can barely contain themselves!

They ran to the car before I even turned it off and told me that they had a surprise for me and that I needed to hurry-hurry-hurry!!!!

What was the surprise I asked??

Olivia said "We can't tell you - you have to see it"

And the same time that Sydney said

At which point Olivia slapped her hand over Sydney's mouth and admonished her for giving away the secret.

I, however, was still trying to decipher what Sydney had said - I was sure something was not right in what she had just told me but I couldn't figure out what.....

Olivia's pumpkin. It has SIX eyes.

And then I noticed what the eyes were made of: beer bottle caps.
That's my girl - very imaginative and resourceful. And hey - that pumpkin ROCKS!
It is a testament to how much my teetotalling, God-fearing Mother-in-law loves me and my children that she let Olivia use beer bottle caps for eyes.

And then Sydney showed me hers.

"Look at mine Mommy!! It has blood dripping down from the ass in it's head!"

Sydney pointed to the green drawing on the pumpkin above.

At which point Olivia heaved a big sigh, rolled her eyes and said...

"It's an AXE, Sydney. An AXE!"

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Michael & Sarah said...

oh. my. word. LMAO... I can NOT wait until our Sydney starts mispronouncing words. :O)