Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My little bro Brandon!!!

(aka "B", "Uncle B" and "Bunkabee")

Wow - the big 33 today, huh? I still remember you as a wee, tow headed and bratty five year old that I used to use as a punching bag - or sit on - just to convince you to be my slave and get me stuff, so I didn't have to exert myself by walking from one room to another to get my hairbrush, or a snack, or the phone, or whatever.

Good times, good times. Oh, how we all did enjoy those years......

Life was much simpler back then, eh? You either did what I said or I tickled you until you couldn't breathe.

Oh, how I long for those days again, since now if I tried to sit on you or smack you around, you could easily kick my butt. Somewhere along the line you got bigger and stronger than me. Not sure when that happened.....

But, a Happy Happy Birthday kiddo - I love ya!

D =)

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